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You want to add funds to your Envel accounts? Follow the following steps

  1. Log in to your Envel app

  2. Go to the Envelope Screen

  3. Click on the Add Funds icon in the top box on the bottom right

  4. Here you'll find three options to add funds into your Envel account

The first option is via Push. This option allows you to send money from you bank

  1. Choose Push in the add funds screen

  2. Press Share Account Details if you want to share it via an application on your phone

  3. You can also choose the Copy icons on the right side of your Routing and Account number. You can use this function if you need to use it for your existing bank accounts.

  4. We only support ACH (Automatic Clearing House) deposits at this moment

The second option is to Pull money into Envel by connecting to your external bank account

  1. Choose Pull in the add funds screen

  2. If you haven't connected to a bank account yet you press Add New Bank Account

  3. Press Continue

  4. Select the bank that you want to connect to your Envel Account

  5. Log in with your bank credentials

  6. Select a verification method (text or phone call with the phone number associated with your bank account)

  7. Press Continue

  8. If you selected text message, press Continue and enter the code sent to your phone

  9. If you selected phone call, press Continue, and you will receive an automated call. Simply follow the instructions to receive your code, and enter the code into the Envel app

  10. Once you enter the correct code, you will be taken to your bank account: click on the specific account you would like to connect

  11. Press Continue

The third option is via a Paycheck This option allows you to send your bank details to your employer.

  1. Click on Paycheck in the add funds screen

  2. Choose Share Direct Deposit Form if you want to share it via an application on your phone

  3. If you want to copy the text with the details, click on Copy Email

  4. This option takes between 1-3 days before the funds arrive in your Envel account

Please contact us at if you have any further questions.

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