Do you want to set aside some money without Autopilot interfering? You can do this by creating a Custom Envelope, you can transfer money from your other Envelopes or you can transfer directly to the Custom Envelope from an external bank account.

How to create a Custom Envelope:

  1. Log in to your Envel App

  2. Go to the Envelope Screen

  3. Scroll down to your Custom Envelopes

  4. Click on Create Custom Envelope

  5. You will be prompted to name your envelope, select a color and select a category

  6. The default setting is for your envelope to be private, but if you would like to make it visible to other Envel users, swipe right on the button next to where it says This Envelope is Private. Once you swipe right, it will say This Envelope is Public

  7. Once you are finished, click on Create Custom Envelope, at the bottom of the page

  8. You will be returned to the Envelope Screen and should see your new custom envelop under Custom Envelopes

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