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How to access support inside the Envel app?
How to access support inside the Envel app?
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We do our best to make everything as simple as possible to offer you the best experience. If you still have questions or comments, please let us know so we can do our best and improve your experience!

There are a few options to get support inside the app:

  1. Login to your Envel App

  2. Go to your Settings Screen (far right tab on the bottom row)

  3. Scroll down to the Support section towards the bottom of the page

You'll see a few different options:

Account Limits

Tap on this button to read about the different transaction limits in your Envel account.

I need some help

Tap on this button if you run into any issues in the app.

  • At the top you'll view your previous conversations. Tap on an open conversation to resume chatting with a support team member. Open conversations have an error on the right hand side. Closed conversations will have a check mark on the right hand side.

  • Next, you'll see Help Topics. Read through these before contacting support, as many users have the same issues that are easily resolved.

  • At the bottom of the page, you can click on Contact Us if your issue still hasn't been resolved. Click on Live chat with us, which is available 9am-5pm EST Monday - Friday. Then you'll see the option to Send us a Message, or Find your answer now by searching through articles in our Help Center

There is a Chat inside the app if you want to speak to a user support agent directly. Don't worry if the Chat is offline, your question is in our system and we'll respond to you as soon as somebody is online.

Join our Community Forum

Click on this button to visit our Community Forum, where we'll keep you up to date on our progress, news and events. You can also start discussion about which new features to implement, bugs you may see or just meet your fellow users!

Connect with us

Click on this button to visit our various social media pages! We have a dedicated #support channel on Discord, but can also respond to questions on any other platforms. You can expect a response within 1 business day.

Note: If you prefer E-mail, you can always email We'll try and answer your e-mail within 24 hours.

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