How to Link Envel to Paypal
Looking to connect your Envel account to Paypal?
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Follow these instructions:

  • Login to your Paypal account on your desktop or the mobile app

  • On desktop, scroll down on your homepage to Banks and cards, on the righthand side. Select Link a Card or Bank.

  • On mobile, tap in the Settings icon in the top right corner, then select Banks and Cards and tap on the Plus Icon in the top right corner

  • Select Link a bank account on desktop or Bank account on mobile

  • Search for and select NBKC BANK, Envel's bank of report

  • Scroll down and select Link your bank another way

  • Select Checking, and then enter the account and routing number of your Envel account or a specific envelope. More information on your different accounts here:

  • Select Agree and Link

  • If prompted, complete Paypal's security verification

  • Scroll down and select No, continue with 2 small deposits

  • Recommended: rename your Envel account by going to Banks and Cards, selecting the account you just linked (which will show up at NBKC BANK) and selecting Give it a nickname

Now Paypal will send 2 micropedosits into the Envel account you entered. This will take 1-2 days. If you do not see the microdeposits in your Envel account in two business days, or have other issues with this process, reach out to

Once you've received the 2 microdeposits from Paypal in your Envel account or envelope, follow this instructions to complete the process:

  • Login to your Paypal account

  • Navigate to Banks and Cards

  • Select your Envel account (NBKC BANK if you have not renamed it)

  • Select Confirm Bank

  • Enter the 2 microdeposits as posted on your Envel account or envelope

  • You have now linked Envel to your Paypal account!

Please us know if you need any help!

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