You may have noticed that while your Envel account has a single 9-digit routing number, each envelope has a unique account number, which are different from your main Envel account number.

Our recommendation is to deposit to your income account, and pay all bills and expenses from the appropriate envelope.

Your Income/ deposit Account:

  • Can be found on your Home Page by clicking by selecting Share Account Details

  • Can only be used for incoming deposits. (Not a spending account)

  • Do not link this account to any bills or expenses; use an Envelope (details below)

  • Will split incoming funds between envelopes depending on the autopilot settings. (See below)

Autopilot On

Autopilot off/Manual

All incoming will be distributed between envelopes depending on how you set up your autopilot.

All funds go directly to your Cash envelope

Your Envelopes:

  • Can be found on your Envelope Screen. Find the account number of each Envelope by clicking on the Envelope, and then clicking on the name of the Envelope again.

  • Can both send and receive money

  • You can instantly transfer between any envelopes and goals by clicking on the Transfer button on the Envelopes screen

  • Use Envel's CardLink feature to swipe and link to different envelopes. More information here:

More detail on how to find these different account numbers here:

As always, let us know if anything needs further clarification!

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