Need a game plan for how to best make use of Envel's features? We've got you covered!

A short step-by-step (because who doesn't love a good step-by-step):
1. Set up your direct deposit.
2. Calibrate income and bills (under settings tab).
3. Add extra autonomous envelopes as needed (eg. gas, groceries, charity).
4. Create custom envelopes as needed (eg. textbooks, dog food).
5. Create some goals if you wish (eg. Trip to Bali).
6. Switch on autopilot for the best results as you envelopes will be automatically funded every paycheck.
7. Select an AI mode and a cash limit mode.
8. Link your account (bills envelope) to Paypal or venmo if you would like to schedule auto bill payments through these apps.
9. Use your guilt-free spending as a way to gauge your spending money for the day/ week depending on your chosen limit.

Some things to keep in mind:
When inputting your monthly bills amounts for rent, subscriptions and utilities, please only input the amount you intend to pay through Envel. If your monthly total bills come to $1,750 ($1,000 rent, $500 utilities, $250 subscriptions) but you only intend to pay your utilities and subscriptions through the app, please only input the $500 and $250 in the calibration. On autopilot, a portion of your income will be allocated to the bills envelope every paycheck to cover your bills. Please keep in mind that the AI is working off very little information. Over the next few months, it will learn your habits and money flows and continuously improve in accuracy.

You can auto pay bills by linking your account to paypal or venmo so please read this article on paypal if you are interested. If you have yearly subscriptions, you could create goals for them or custom envelopes. Please remember that custom and shared envelopes aren’t funded automatically. You will need to transfer money to them manually. Please read this article comparing manual and autopilot for more information.

If you're uncertain about any of Envel's features, please keep reading!

Autonomous and custom envelopes: Autonomous (auto for short) envelopes are automatically funded every time your paycheck is deposited into your account. You can choose to add a gas, groceries and charity auto envelope as well. Remember to set the Auto-split amount which determines how much money from each paycheck will be sent to the relevant auto envelope. Shared envelopes are there for you and a/ many friend(s) to deposit and withdraw money from the same account! Splitting grocery shopping among flat mates couldn't be easier!

Cash: everyday spending
Bills: all your expenses (from your electricity account to Netflix)
Emergency: safety net in the event of an unexpected cost
Vault: a safe place to build up some long term savings
Custom envelope: earmark (budget) money for any need other than those covered above

Autopilot: This feature automatically splits your paycheck into different envelopes to meet all your budgeting requirements. Please read What does AI do? to get a better understanding of this feature. An expense funding schedule and being able to move transactions between envelopes after-the-fact are popular requests. The team is hard at work to incorporate as well as improve and Envel'fy these features - stay tuned!

Guilt-free spending: This is the big blue envelope on the home page which indicates how much money you are free to spend while still covering all your bills, goals, emergency and vault contributions according to a weekly, daily or no limit. Your guilt-free spending will differ depending on your AI mode: penny-pincher, beast and party. These AI modes allow you to match your current spending and saving appetite to the way the AI allocates money to your auto envelopes.

Goals: What is it you want to do next? Save up for a contiki tour across Europe? Buy a car? By creating a goal and indicating its value, a portion of your money will be automatically moved to this goal everyday until you've reached it. This way you don't even have to think about saving for your dream vacation or first car! You could also use goals as a way to save up for things such as yearly subscriptions. Be creative, go wild! A heads up, being able to fund goals at different frequencies is also a popular request so watch the space.

I hope you are feeling more prepared to build your financial fitness with Envel! Please use the Envel community forum or support chat to ask more questions :)

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