We have received a few questions asking for clarification on the calibration page so here it goes:

1. You will first have to indicate your income frequency: Weekly, Every two weeks, Every three weeks, Semi-monthly (same as every two weeks).
2. Enter paycheck amount: please set it according to your income frequency. For example, say you earn $2,000 by the end of the month, but are paid $1,000 every two weeks. You need to then input $1,000 under paycheck when calibrating for this example.
3. Enter in rent, subscriptions and utility amounts. For this section of calibrations, you need to put in monthly values. Please note when setting up autonomous envelopes (gas, charity and groceries) that these must also be monthly amounts.

We know that offering a more detailed and clear calibration for bills is important so it is in the works and we will keep you updated on when it will be released!

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