If you need a direct deposit form or something similar to a voided check. Then please follow these steps below.

Please make sure you use the correct account details, as each Envelope is a unique bank account. Here you can find all you need to know on your different Envel account numbers, and when to use which one!

´╗┐For when you want the deposit to be split into your Autonomous Envelopes (Cash, Bills, Emergency and Vault)

  • Go to the Wallet Screen

  • Click on Add Funds on the right

  • Click on Push and then Share Account Details

  • Or, click on Paycheck and then Share Direct Deposit Form

  • This will create a PDF with your account details which you can share

If you want to get a deposit directly in a specific Envelope:

  • Go to the Wallet Screen

  • Select the Envelope that you prefer, e.g. Cash

  • Click on the Envelope again to flip it over

  • Click share to create and share the PDF

Please let us know if this doesn't work for you!

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