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Envel is on a mission to reinvent banking around customers needs.

We believe that the consumer banking system is broken and no longer focuses on serving its customers financial health. Traditional banks profit from getting you indebted and don’t offer you the freedom or advice to help organize and manage your money in a way that helps you.

The bank account as we all know it has remained unchanged for decades, and is a little well, manual, so we at Envel have reinvented banking from the ground up to give you many of the features you’ve always wanted and finally make it work hard for you!

We’ve built a one-stop Autonomous banking app with Autopilot (yes!) to organize your money automatically for you with little effort, no calculators, no spreadsheet, it just works.. powered by our patent-pending AI. All built upon an Envelope system so you can organize your money in up to 99 FDIC insured Envel bank accounts* we call Envelopes, you can create in seconds.

We have engineered some incredible patent-pending features never seen before in banking to help you become financially fit and achieve your dreams.

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