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When you open your account, we automatically create four Envelopes, with individual routing and bank account numbers, for you:

  • Cash - for your daily spending, by default your Visa Debit card is linked to this Envelope

  • Emergency - For when you overspend on today

  • Bills - For your (monthly) recurring payments

  • Vault - For your savings (this is currently not a savings account, we're looking to turn this into a savings account with interest as soon as possible)

In the App you can choose to enable Autopilot mode (this is disabled by default). In the settings you can set up your income, Utilities, Subscriptions, Rent/Mortgage. Then we will calculate, based on those settings, a budget for you. It will split the money coming in into the 4 main Envelopes based on your preset proportions. You can set your Daily, Weekly and Monthly 'Guilt free Spending Limit' or switch it off.

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