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Add Itemized Expenses and Due Dates
Add Itemized Expenses and Due Dates
You asked, and we answered! Itemized bills/expenses are here. Follow this steps to add an itemized expense to your 'Bills' envelope
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You can now visualize all of your expenses, and their individual due dates, in one place with our Itemized Expenses feature! All Itemized Expenses are part of your Bills envelope. Add an Expense by following these instructions:

  1. Log in to your Envel app

  2. Tap on the Brain (Autopilot) icon in the top right corner of the app

  3. You autopilot must be on to use this feature. If your autopilot is off, tap on Switch to Autopilot. Tap on Got It once the app has switched to autopilot

  4. Tap on Recalibrate

  5. Adjust your Income if necessary. Tap on Next

  6. Adjust your Rent/Mortgage if necessary. Tap on Next

  7. Swipe right on the switch next to Turn on Itemized Bills. You can always swipe left to turn off itemized Bills, and just keep track of your Expenses in one lump sum.

  8. Tap on + Add new bill

  9. Select whether your bill is Utilities or Subscription

  10. Enter the Amount

  11. Tap on Select a Merchant. Search for and tap on your Merchant. If your Merchant is not on our default list, type it in and select Add Merchant

  12. Select the Payment Frequency

  13. Fill in the information under To be paid by to specify when this bill is due

  14. Select Add Bill

  15. Repeat steps 8 to 14 until all of your bills are added!

  16. Select Next

  17. Verify that the information is correct, and select Complete Calibration

Congratulations, you've now itemized all of your expenses in one place! Our autopilot will automatically set aside money for each of these expenses by the time that they are due. Doesn't get much easier!

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