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We use Plaid to link your bank accounts. To set up your external account, please follow the following steps.

1) Go to your Wallet Screen (The envelope icon at the bottom left of the screen)
2) Scroll down to the External Bank Accounts section
3) Select View External Bank Accounts (we use Plaid to link your bank)
4) Press Continue
5) You can either select your external bank or enter it into the Search field
6) You will be prompted to enter your credentials to sign into your external bank
7) Once you sign into the account, you will be able to set it up as an external account.
If for whatever reason you need your Envel account information (Routing and Account Numbers); go to your wallet screen, select the account you want the information for then click on the word show> to uncover the information.

Please note that that the external accounts in your wallet screen are read only and cannot be used for funding or withdrawing funds.

  • For the adding or withdrawing funds you would need to setup a funding account under the "add funds" section.

  • You can have only one external funding source but as many external accounts as you like.

  • For further information about this, please see the Add Funds to Envel article.

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