⚙️ Steps of migration

  1. Your Income account will be renamed to the Spending Envelope

  2. Your debit card will be moved from your Cash Envelope to your Spending Envelope

  3. Your Cash, Bills and Emergency Envelopes will be closed (see important note below about current payments setup with account and routing numbers)

  4. Funds in those Envelopes will be moved to the Spending Envelope

  5. Goals and other Envelopes will remain and nothing will change.

IMPORTANT: ‘ACH-pull’ payments that are currently set up with the account and routing numbers from your current Cash, Bills or Emergency will decline because those accounts will be closed!

Please move these payments to your debit card (this will not decline anymore 😊) or flip over the Spending Envelope to find the account details.

📖 What does the new account structure mean?

  • The current deposit account will become the main Envelope called Spending

  • A few things to note about your new Spending Envelope:

    • The Spending Envelope will be connected to your debit card by default

    • Your Paycheck will also come into this account and your deposits cannot get ‘stuck’ in income anymore

    • You will keep the same account and routing number so you don’t need to change those with your paycheck provider.

  • Underneath the Spending Envelope, you will be able to find your sub-Envelopes

    • By default, these are Cash, Bills, Subscriptions and Emergency (click here to read how these are funded by Autopilot)

    • You can add as many Sub-Envelopes as you’d like

    • The Spending Envelope and its Sub-Envelopes all have the same account and routing number.

    • Therefore monthly payments via the debit card will not decline as long as the total balance in Spending is sufficient

  • Vault will remain a separate Envelope with unique account and routing numbers

  • Goals will still be separate Envelopes with unique account and routing numbers

  • You can still open up other Envelopes with unique account and routing numbers

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